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Professional Upholstery Cleaning In Fairfield

upholstery cleaner fairfieldWith 10 years of handling various types of upholsteries and furniture, Top Cleaners Fairfield Ltd. can guarantee you outstanding upholstery cleaning results each time you call our professional furniture cleaning company with safe cleaning for even the most exotic types of furniture. Be a part of our effort to make Fairfield clean again and get:

  • Constant customer care
  • Consistent results each time
  • No cancellation fees or deposits
  • Odour and stain free leather
  • Full allergen removal

Get in touch with our team at 0151 673 0105 for a reliable upholstery cleaning service that can guarantee you the results you want. With trained upholstery cleaners and great equipment we can achieve what seems like a miracle.

How We Clean Your Furniture Upholstery In Fairfield

We can clean: natural and synthetic leather, suede, 100% cotton, silk, acrylic, wool, vinyl, sisal, stitched, Argyll, blended and a lot more.

Leather upholstery treatment in Fairfield

Like any other natural upholstery material leather too loses some of its qualities. One of them is its elasticity and malleability, making it brittle and a lot more likely to break. This loss of qualities is due to using and natural oil evaporation. We combat this effect of time and use by applying a natural moisturizing agent which allows us to extend the life of the material. Using a microfiber cloth and circular motions, we rejuvenate the leather until it opens up its pores. After that, the leather is left to absorb as much of the compound as possible and then dry before being ready for use.

Steam cleaning

upholstery cleaning fairfieldThis treatment does wonders with upholstery, picking up pet hairs, food leftovers, removing stains and extracting odours all without a hitch. The team starts with removing any debris present on the surface of the upholstery by vacuuming, afterwards, we use our steam and detergent mixture to lose stains and accumulated filth and grease. This process simultaneously extracts all of the grime along with 95% of the moisture, leaving a small percentage to be dried by air. This is to reduce the chance of damage during the drying, in case 3-4 hours of drying time are not acceptable, you can book our air movers. Using them we can triple the drying time and save you the effort of waiting.

What Our Customer Say About Our Furniture Cleaning Service

Konstantin Wilcock
As a long time customer I can vouch for the quality of this furniture cleaning service, not only are their prices so good, but their customer service is stellar as well. The cleaning is a whole different story, I fully recommend them.

Quentin Hoff
Around Christmas, we were expecting a big family gathering and the house had to be spotless, so we called Top Cleaners Fairfield. They did a wonderful job, there's nothing bad I can really say about the entire experience, good prices, kind cleaners and the results speak for themselves with this professional cleaning company.

Kara Duncleman
For a year and a half, I've used this upholstery cleaning service and never have I been so satisfied with a cleaning team as I was last time. They really have improved their service, the job was not easy but they managed to clean everything as requested and did it in one day. If you are looking to get a team that's worth your time and money, this is the one for you.

Book Upholstery Cleaning in Fairfield

Give Top Cleaners Fairfield Ltd. a call at 0151 673 0105 and the team of experts will be there to help you set up a treatment, all according to your personal schedule, needs, and budget. Reserve our superb upholstery cleaning in your town quick and easy! There is a booking form, which you can use for instant booking or to request a call back from our team. The online live chat is also available to none paying customers, for enquiries and answers to questions about treatments and procedures.